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Our Mission

To Pursue our Clients’ Best Interests Through Three Core Values

pursue our clients’ best interests Our mission is to pursue our clients’ best interests through a system whereby the lead partner assigned to each client takes responsibility for all the matters relating to the client, supported by other attorneys according to the requisite workload and expertise required for each matter.

1. Establishment of a Close Relationship

Firstly, we establish and build close relationships with our clients to provide tailor-made advice and solutions in response to the clients’ actual needs, based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, strategies and internal policies to the maximum extent possible by way of client visits and client meetings, etc.

2. Reasonable Fees

The partner responsible will determine the appropriate number of attorneys to assign to the case, having regard for the nature and complexity of the matter and the client’s wishes, to ensure that the client receives high quality legal services at a fair and reasonable cost.

3. Responsiveness

Each partner is in a position to be responsive and flexible to the client’s needs through forming a close relationship of trust with the client. We are available to respond to our clients’ needs at anytime and anywhere.

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